"leilani and her team went above and beyond, helping us create the feeling we hoped to share with our guests" 

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Our services are designed for discerning clients who embrace the true value of hospitality, appreciate exquisite design, and revel in intricate details, whether it be in a minimalist or maximalist style. At our core, we believe that curating a meaningful celebration is truly an art form - one that requires thoughtful orchestration and purposeful execution. Every wedding we produce is approached with an innate emphasis on style & design and a steadfast commitment to ensuring that no element is ever compromised for another - pulling inspiration from everywhere - whether it's from haute couture to architectural design, cutting-edge tech, or even your great aunt's vintage record collection.  With over 20 years of combined experience, our team approaches each gathering with a client-centric mindset, placing their vision at the forefront of every decision and prioritizing the guest experience above all else.


We specialize in delivering unparalleled full-service and custom planning & design for both multi-day and single-day events. From the conceptual stage to the final creation, we take the helm of your event, fully hands-on. Our expertise extends from global venue scouting and meticulous logistics planning to intentional and innovative design, transforming every conceivable space.

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"our wedding was so dreamy

and unforgettable. the memories leilani and her team helped us create is the type you carry away with you for a lifetime."